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Laurel Partin

Laurel transitioned to musical instrument repair from being an innovative science educator and she carries rich experiences in biomedical research, cabinetry, musical performance, and theatrical lighting design. In 2012, she stepped straight out of repair school at Renton Technical College into the opportunity of a direct mentorship with Scott Mandeville at Tim's Music in Sacramento, CA. The invaluable direct mentorship with Scott deepened and accelerated her approach to the craft. Laurel is honored to have clients who seek her out for high-end woodwind repairs. She has managed the repair shop at Tim's Music for four years where we have moved into a gorgeous and spacious new facility where a few of the benches are committed to training and mentorship for developing technicians. We are committed to the full development of technicians and to deepening the fine skill and concept sets for efficient and high-quality repair. When not juggling repairs with shop management you can find Laurel playing tenor sax, flute, clarinet, vox, and French horn (and learning Bassoon) in various professional and community groups. She also swims, dives, hikes solo in the wilderness, and practices TaiChi and BaGua. (Pictured here with Ed Strege, a repair hero!) Contact Info: 916.925.9160 laurel@timsbis.com