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May 31st at 6:43pm

Tim's Music is looking for part time sales associates.  If you are interested in working in a fun, rewarding environment, please call Tim Shirk at 916-925-9160 or email at

October 23rd at 12:34pm

Why We Do What We Do

Recently, a video has made the rounds on Facebook, and it has gone viral for good reason: it’s adorable! The video shows a 4 year old child playing on his toy drum with a high school drumline, and he looks like he’s having a ton of fun. Check out the video below:

This video is exactly why all of us at Tim’s Music come to work each day. Seeing the joy in that child’s face while he makes music with the “big kids” is a great reminder to all of us that music is truly important. If you look at the shirt he’s wearing, you’ll notice it says “I Am The Future” and we certainly hope the future looks more like him: enthusiastic about creating music and spreading that same joy to others.

September 5th at 4:10pm

General Instrument Care

Now that you have your new rental instrument, let's go over some basic instrument care! These care tips will apply to all instruments, but we have some instrument-specific advice over in the Knowledge Center on our website!

  • Anywhere that you would not leave a baby, do not leave your instrument: in a hot car, outside, in the rain, unattended, or outside of the case when not playing.

  • The case is designed to snugly hold the instrument in place; do not place any papers, swabs, or books inside of the case on top of or beneath the instrument as this can bend the instrument.

  • The case is sturdy, but do not sit on, stand on, or drop it.
  • If anything is amiss, please do not attempt to fix the instrument yourself. Maintenance is included as part of the rental fee, so bring the instrument to Tim's Music.
Looking for more information? Come to our Band 101 Days at Tim's Music, or give us a call and we'll be happy to help you get started on your musical journey!

August 23rd at 2:19pm

Back to School Season is here!

As you're running around like crazy to gather all the school supplies on the list your child handed you (the day before the supplies were actually needed), let Tim's Music be your one-stop-shop for everything they will need in band class! We have instruments you can purchase or rent, the right book for your class, cleaning accessories, reeds, and everything else you might need to start band for the first time. 

Let us help you get started on the path to musical success.
You can find information about our new Guaranteed Buy-Back Program and our Rental Program hereand if you have any other questions, give us a call at (916) 925-9160.

June 7th at 4:26pm

Two Years on Fair Oaks Blvd!

On June 3, 2017, Tim’s Music opened its doors for the first time in Carmichael, and what a journey it has been since then. On that first morning, we excitedly greeted the first people to walk through the doors of our newest location…. And moments later we started frantically searching for things that had been put in boxes the week before. 
Despite all the chaos of that first day, we began to not only survive, but thrive in the 15,000 square feet of our new facility. We have experienced immense growth since opening day two years ago: we hired several additional sales people and repair technicians, expanded the selection of inventory to best suit the needs of our clients, and we have signed on more teachers for our lessons program. We have also experienced growth in the digital world since the complete overhaul of our website, our increased presence on social media, and we even started producing educational videos that can be shared online. On top of all this, we earned a place on the National Association of Music Merchants’ (NAMM) Top 100 list for both 2018 and 2019! 
So many incredible things have happened in these past two years, and we couldn’t do any of this without the help of everyone in this community. Thank you for all the support!

May 13th at 12:55pm

Keeping Music Alive in Paradise | An Update

In April 2019, Tim's Music worked with KHS America / Jupiter Band Instruments to donate $38,000 worth of instruments to students who lost everything in the Paradise fires. Since then, Eastman Musical Instruments decided to donate $23,000 worth of instruments to this cause, and award-winning journalist Cristina Mendonsa also donated her personal drum set. On May 1st, Scott Mandeville and Simone Afghari drove to Chico, CA for the second time to deliver these instruments, and they got an update on how the students are doing with their brand new equipment!

March 27th at 11:32am

Keeping Music Alive in Paradise

    In November of 2018,  devastating fires raged in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California. It was the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history, and the deadliest wildfire in the United States in over 100 years. In Paradise, California; homes, infrastructure, and livelihoods were destroyed in an instant. For the students in the Paradise Unified School District, they also lost an important part of their education: music. This school district lost over $200,000 worth of instruments for their music education programs due to fire damage.
All of us at Tim’s Music and our friends at KHS America/Jupiter Band Instruments felt that we had to act quickly in order to keep the music alive in Paradise. We arranged for $38,000 worth of band instruments to be donated by KHS America/Jupiter Band Instruments and for them to also provide substantial accommodation pricing to cover the remainder of their lost inventory. 
    By combining efforts with KHS America/Jupiter Band Instruments, Tim’s Music is putting instruments back into the hands of kids in a community that has suffered greatly from this tragedy, and the families that were affected may soon begin to heal through the power of music. 
    At Tim’s Music, our vision is to “Promote Wellness in Society through Music Education and Performance,” and we are honored to be able to help a community so close to home, and to keep music alive in Paradise.

Check out the video about this experience here.

February 20th at 2:31pm

You asked, and we delivered! 

Tim’s Music is proud to announce that we are a dealer for Key Leaves! They are a family-owned company based in Seattle that specializes in products designed to help maintain woodwind instruments by leaving keys open to allow them to dry out properly. No more sticky keys! To read more about their products, click here.

Tim’s Music is the ONLY dealer for Key Leaves in Northern California, so stop by our shop to pick up a set! 

January 18th at 5:49pm

After our Orchestral String Day event last year, we decided to take the show on the road! For our String Roadshow, we bring step-up violins, violas, and celli to schools with string programs in order to let the students try out these nicer instruments in a real-world setting: their own orchestra rehearsals!
Here is what Tim, one of our managers as well as our resident string expert, had to say about our most recent event at Cosumnes Oaks High School with Director Mike Mangonon:

“The teacher was super excited for us to bring out and display all the instruments as well as talk with the kids about what makes step up instruments so special.  The product knowledge to the kids was surprisingly well received as most of the kids have never discussed any details about the instruments they are playing. More importantly, what the differences are in inexpensive student instruments vs. more refined step-up instruments.  What brings our trip to the next level, though, is after we ‘geek-out’ on strings — discussing construction, different grades of woods etc. — we then hand the kids the instruments to play in an ensemble situation.  What really worked is when the instructor first has them play a piece of music they are familiar with on their original instruments.  Then, while the tone and ‘vibe’ of their normal instruments are fresh, we swap the instruments for the step-ups, and play the same piece again.  I wish everyone could see the looks on the students faces as they look at each other with excitement and wonder.  The amazed look as they can not only hear the difference on the step ups, but feel the difference is pretty awesome to see.  Watching the players’ body language – as they move and sway with expression – we could see they were more in touch with their instruments as it ‘talked’ to them. 
It’s been a pretty cool experience!
The instructor we worked with yesterday was so impressed with the show that he was writing an email today to 6 more string instructors in his area recommending we bring the show to their schools.”

Looking to have a similar experience at your school? Contact Tim at to set up an event!

And here is a video of the Cosumnes Oaks High School Orchestra playing on the step-up instruments! 

Link: Cosumnes Oaks String Roadshow 

December 29th at 3:41pm

Wow, we are ready to leap into the new year.  How about you?  Is your musical journey going the way you want?  Is your instrument holding you back?  Come on in and we can get you on track to continue a lifetime of learning and playing music.  Have you considered music lessons to jump start your performance? We have 18 professional teachers that are ready to help you improve your skills and motivate your practice.  Come on into the Repair Shop to get your free instrument evaluation.  Many times, the instrument is not performing correctly and that can lead to frustration and stagnation for the player.  Our team of highly qualified technicians can keep your instrument humming along at its peak.

As we reflect on the past year, we are truly blessed to have been able to serve your musical needs along your journey.  Thank you for your trust in Tim's Music.  We hope that you have felt taken care of while you have dealt with us in the past, and that you would want to remind all of your friends about your experience here.  

Thanks, and we will see you in the new year!

J. Scott Mandeville

December 19th at 3:24pm

Welcome to the NEW Tim's Music website.  We have been working hard to bring you a great experience as you look around.  We are starting a new adventure.  We would like you to ask us questions, and we will answer them in either blog posts or video blog format.  So, please send your questions to  and we will do our best to answer all your question.  

As we move toward the Christmas break, please bring your instrument in early for that mid year service and be ready to play when school starts up again.
Print this and bring it into the store when you drop your instrument off for the Christmas service and we will give you a $5 credit toward the repair bill.

Consider music lessons for the spring to sharpen your skills and enhance your musical journey.

Embrace Music!  Embrace Life!

August 16th at 11:40am

Special Announcement for Rental Season!

Mondays from 10 am - 7 pm starting August 6th

In order to better serve your needs at the beginning of the school year, Tim's Music will be open on Mondays from August 6th to October 1st for sales, rentals, and lessons. 

Come on in and let us take care of your instrument and music education needs.

Thank you for making Tim's Music the best place on earth to work.

-Tim's Staff

July 24th at 5:02pm

  Camp Cleanings  

Summer camp is such a great time.  Lifelong memories are created, friendships are formed, progress is made on your musical journey, camp food is enjoyed... and loads of dust and dirt are introduced into your instrument and case.

Tim's Music offers a quick "Camp Cleaning" to take care of that damaging dust.  

Come on in right after you return home, and we will take care of the past week's dust.  No appointment is needed, just come on in.

Did you know that Tim's Music was just honored as a NAMM Top 100 music store?

See you shortly.

Tim's Music