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Covid-19 Information for your musical instrument:

Tim's Music is completely prepared to deal with your instruments! We have special procedures to protect you and your instrument while also protecting our staff. We have developed new processes for sanitization, and continue to perform all of the necessary maintenance and repairs to keep your instrument in top playing condition. Please come on in and ask us about our procedures to protect your health.

Tim’s Music started on the bench over 40 years ago, and has continued to uphold the long standing traditions of craftsmanship in our repair shop. We do everything from the simplest musical instrument repairs to complete restoration services on all band and orchestra instruments. We offer electronic repairs on almost any electronic equipment. The Tim’s Music repair shop can also repair all of your guitars and orchestral strings.

Tim's Music has the first ultrasonic cleaner in the region. The results of the ultrasonic cleaner are nothing short of amazing. The benefit of this specialized technology is keeping the interior of your instrument free from the harmful deposits and science projects that grow while you play. A regular trip through the shop will keep your instrument playing great and will keep the damaging calcium buildup from rotting your instrument from the inside out. With the special environmentally safe media, we can safely and effectively remove the calcium and oxides that build up while you play. The benefits go far beyond the protection of your instrument. Keeping the inside of the instrument clean will allow you to maintain the bore of the instrument for a consistent feel while playing. See for yourself the results of the ultrasonic technology. Tim’s Music produced a number of videos for the Ultrasonic Power Corp. that they have used in their promotional materials. See those videos and more on their website and see the actual cleaning process.

Tim’s Music uses the ultrasonic cleaning technology for cleaning woodwind instruments as well. The woodwind instruments can benefit from the ultrasonic cleaning in various ways. When the bore of the instruments become impacted from a buildup of debris, or the grime builds up on the outside of the instrument, we can safely and effectively clean and restore the instrument to its best playing condition with the advantage of ultrasonic technology. The ultrasonic technology not only keeps your instrument healthy, it goes a long way toward keeping you healthy as well. A regular maintenance schedule, including daily, weekly, and monthly attention will keep your instrument in better performing condition, and allow you the advantages of health while you play.

Featured Repair - French Horn Bell
This French Horn took a nasty fall, but we were able to take those large dents out of the bell and now it looks brand new!
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Meet the Crew

J. Scott Mandeville

Scott has been repairing musical instruments for over 40 years. He has taught musical instrument repair for NAPBIRT for many yea... Read more

Korryn Weaslee

Korryn has been with Tim's Music since 2016 where she is an apprentice in the repair shop. She graduated from Sacramento State's... Read more

Dan Bainbridge

In 1982 Dan graduated as the sixth student to complete the Band Instrument Repair Technology program at Renton Technical College... Read more

Keiko Tsuda

Keiko (pronounced “Kay-koh”) is from Sydney, Australia – originally from Japan. She studied saxophone performance at Senz... Read more

Kennedy Youmans

Kennedy graduated from Sacramento State University with a Bachelor of Music degree in French Horn performance and music educatio... Read more